Employer Benefits

Employer Benefits

Most of your employees are financially stressed.

While this might not be affecting you, it is affecting your business!

Employees who are financially stressed are not fully focussed on their work which can lead to absenteeism, low productivity and a host of other financial ills that negatively affect your business and profitability.

We provide practical solutions that produce positive results for you, your business and most importantly your employees and their families.

What would a decrease in absenteeism and increase in productivity do for your business?

Help yourself, your business and your employees

Your employees are spending in excess of 70% of their salaries servicing debt.

This is where Smart Money can help. Through the Smart Money Financial Wellness Programme, we will help your employees to make small ongoing changes to how they manage their money through proper budgeting and better money management.

We will introduce and inspire them to follow our step by step process to achieve tangible results that will show up on their personal bottom line.

Changing peoples lives

Let Smart Money help your employees by giving them the knowledge and tools to become financially organised.

Financially educated and empowered employees:

  • Take less time off
  • Approach management less for financial assistance or salary advances
  • Are less likely to move jobs for a small salary increase
  • Have lower debt commitments
  • Contribute to better overall engagement and productivity

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Get Started Today

Become the hero your employees need and deserve

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