Financial Wellness Programme

The Smart Money Programme allows employees to change behaviour to tackle debt, reduce costs, save money and get financially organised with our webinars, financial tools and resources.


Nobody plans to live a life being stressed by financial worries; however, this is the reality currently affecting most South Africans. As a consequence employees are not fully engaged in their workspace resulting in reduced productivity which causes increased stress on employees.

The remedy requires a practical approach that allows people to change their behaviour to live a better life.

The Smart Money Financial Wellness Programme provides a company’s employees with financial advice and education backed up with the tools and resources that allow them to understand the behavioural changes that they need to make, as well as enabling them to do so.

The Smart Money
Financial Wellness Approach

Smart Money will work with employees to ensure that each person understand their ability to make changes and help them work through our 8 step process.

Understanding how these steps work and implementing them in their personal capacity is the first step to financial freedom.

By the end of our 8 Step Process, which is available as an online course, each person should be more financially and personally organised and understand what they need to do in order to achieve their financial goals.

Financial Wellness Programme

Climb the Smart Money
Financial Wellness Ladder

The Smart Money Financial Wellness Ladder depicts where we all start; in the search for Financial Safety to where we need to aspire to be, Financial Freedom.

It is important to understand that there are several steps to Financial Independence and that this is a journey and not an overnight success.

Smart Money will work with you to take you from a point of Financial Survival right up to Financial Freedom.

The Smart Money Advantage

The Smart Money Financial Wellness Programme combines our online Smart Money Academy with our live webinars to give employees the best experience. Get a quote for your business in under 5 minutes.


Pick and choose which topic specific live webinars you would like for your employees.

Financial Planning

We have partnered with Ubuntu Capital so they can assist with any financial planning requirements.


Get shown how to use all the tools and resources available to employees.


We offer a range of surveys to give you a snapshot of your business' employee wellness.

Financial Programme Difference

Nothing beats having someone showing you what to do and how to go about it.

Smart Money has a range of topic specific webinars that you can tailor for your company. These are live training webinars where employees can ask questions from the safety of their homes or office.

With our online webinars, we show employees how they can take control of their financial future, save thousands of Rands and let them ask questions and engage with presenters to get the most out of this experience.

With our online platform resources and courses, employees can learn how to structure their budget, create a debt snowball plan, develop a savings plan and learn how to start and carry out a financial action plan.

We have a range of surveys that can provide businesses with insights into the financial and overall wellness of their employees so they can put measures in place to assist them.

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What every member gets access to…

Our premium course – 8 Steps to Financial Wellness

Online and template based budget planners

Financial Action Plan learner book and workbook

Downloadable resources such as our Debt Snowball

Over 200 educational articles

Podcasts with Mark Pilgrim

Surveys and personalised reports

Financial and tax tools

Partner services and products

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