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Below are a few of the webinars we offer.

Breaking the pay-cheque-to-pay-cheque cycle

Get an introduction to our financial wellness approach and learn how to change your behaviour.

Setting up your zero-sum budget

Learn what a zero-sum budget is, why it is important to budget this way and how to implement your own zero-sum budget.

Understanding and managing your debt

Learn the difference between good and bad debt together with how to create a debt snowball that will allow you to manage your and reduce your debt.

Compiling your financial action plan

Understand the importance of a Financial Action Plan, get the Smart Money framework and learn how to complete your own plan.

Learn how to save money

Understand what a where you can save money, why it is important, and how you can start saving.

Buying a Car and Home

Learn what factors to consider when buying a car and house in order to minimise your financial risk and reduce your debt.

Improving your Credit Score

Learn what a credit score is, why it is important, what affects your score, how to get your score and how to improve it.

Understanding personal insurance risk

Learn about the importance of Life Insurance, Income Protection and Dread Disease Cover and understand when you need them.

Understanding medical aid and why it is different to health insurance

Learn about the different aspects of medical aids and how this differs from medical insurance.

Starters guide to Investing

Learn about the different types of investments, what to look out for and how to get professional advice.

Planning for Retirement

Understand how much you need to retire “financially well” , how to start saving and how compound interest works.

Learn how to Save Money

Get the Smart Money Savings Template, learn how to manage your budget and use saving tools available to you.

Estate Planning and where to start

Understand the importance of Last Wills and Testaments and learn the Estate Planning basics.

Understanding your Personal Tax obligations

Learn the basic tax obligations as an individual, when you need to pay tax and how to go about doing it.

What you need to know about Funeral Plans

Understand what you need to know about Funeral Plans and what to look out for.

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