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  1. Learn how to better manage your hard-earned money
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  3. Assist you to better manage or get rid of your “Bad Debt”
  4. Help you to start your Emergency Savings Fund
  5. Receive Personal Money Management tips and advice
  6. Link you to professionals who can help you get financially organised
  7. Save thousands of rands in interest on your car or home
  8. Reduce and manage your financial stress
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8 Steps to Financial Wellness

As a member, you can opt to purchase our “premium” step-by-step online course on how to get personally and financially organised.

This is one of our premium online courses which will walk you through each of our 8 Steps to Financial Wellness.

Delivered online through a combination of videos and other multimedia content, this is a course that is easy to understand and implement. You can choose to receive our standard or our premium Smart Money Toolkit, which we will courier to you.

Featured Service Provider

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Kristy Hartnady

An accredited Smart Money Professional Service Provider

I have had many varying careers but the common thread to all of them is that I am passionate about helping people and I’m driven to ‘be the difference’ for everyone that I interact with.

I have found my niche in the financial services industry; my reasons:

•Cliché: I love people and helping people.

•I was terrible with money; I was careless… until I had a wakeup call, a big one. I would like to prevent this mistake from happening to anyone. 

Smart Money partners with Professional Service Providers throughout South Africa, to help, inspire and guide you on your journey to get Financially Organised
Personal Risk Planning
Investment Planning
Medical Aid Consulting
Business Insurance Consulting
Employee Financial Wellness
Budgeting and Debt Management

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Get started and register today for FREE

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