Helping individuals achieve financial freedom!

A practical approach that helps and encourages people to change their behaviour to better manage their money, reduce debt and improve theirs and their family’s lives.

Smart Money’s Private Client Services will make an immediate impact by helping you to focus on things which really matter to you. Work with a Financial Coach to achieve your financial goals and dreams and get personally and financially organised!

Getting fellow South Africans to their financial destination!

Our Private Client Services combines our online Smart Money Academy with face-to-face support to give our clients the best experience. This includes access to the Smart Money platform, face-to-face meetings, follow up calls and digital financial educational journeys.

Our Financial Coaches encourage individuals to start making Smart Money Choices that will help them to change their financial behaviour and assist them to overcome the challenges that they are experiencing.


Starting you on your road to financial freedom

Private Client On-boarding

To get you personally and financially organised Smart Money starts with some of the most important aspects of your life, your budget and your Last Will and Testament.

Every Private Client starts by having an initial meeting with a Financial Coach to understand your personal circumstances and financial aspirations. The Financial Coach will then compile a budget for you and set you up on the Smart Money Academy and Budget Planner.

A Wills Specialist will then also meet with you to compile or update your Last Will and Testament.

What you get

  • An initial online meeting with a Financial Coach
  • A tailored zero-sum budget based on your current circumstances and requirements
  • A PDF and Excel version of your Budget
  • 1x Smart Money Financial Action Plan Learner Book
  • 1x Smart Money Financial Action Plan Workbook
  • A meeting with a Wills Specialist to compile or update your Last Will and Testament
  • 100% Coupon for the 8 Steps to Financial Wellness course

What will it cost me?

Private Client Service on-boarding costs R1,500 (incl. VAT)

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Please note that Smart Money Private Client Services are only available in Johannesburg and Pretoria currently