The problem we face?

South Africans are currently experiencing a high level of financial stress. Working month to month just to make ends meet with no end in sight. With debt levels climbing, prices soaring and no apparent solution it is easy to become stressed and depressed.

You have worked too hard to have nothing left to show for it at the end of each month. We are here to help you put a Financial Action Plan in place that will allow you to achieve Financial Freedom!

The Smart Money Solution

The Smart Money solution is an 8 step financial wellness approach that will help you put you on a path to financial freedom.

We ensure that whatever we speak about we have the tools and support to back it up. So whether you are tackling debt, trying to reduce costs, save money or get financially organised we have the financial tools and resources to help you out!

Our online Smart Money academy is backed up with face-to-face support with the help of our Smart Money Financial Coaches to give you the complete financial wellness solution.

Financial Wellness Programme

Let's get organised!

We are committed to making a positive difference to help our fellow South Africans get personally and financially organised!

The Smart Money
Financial Wellness Ladder

The Smart Money Financial Wellness Ladder depicts where we all start; in the search for Financial Safety to where we need to aspire to be, Financial Freedom.

It is important to understand that there are several steps to Financial Independence and that this is a journey and not an overnight success.

Smart Money will work with you to take you from a point of Financial Survival right up to Financial Freedom.

What every member gets access to...

Online Courses

Take our online courses and learn how to make Smart Money Choices

Will Specialists

Every Smart Money member is eligible for a FREE Last Will and Testament

Online Budget Planner

Get access to our own cloud based Budget Planner

Financial Tools

Access online tools that will help you get financially organised


Learn about each of our 8 Steps with Mark Pilgrim on Hot 91.9

Financial Coach

Get access to a Financial Coach who can give you personal assistance


With over 200 articles we have your financial education taken care of


Download a wide variety of resources to get you organised


Our very own bite sized articles around a specific topic

Email Journeys

Pick and choose educational journeys that you are interested in

Financial Safety Report

Get a personalised safety report when you do the Smart Money Assessment

Partner Services

We have partnered with several companies to help you get organised

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Smart Money is a FREE to register! Get access to educational resources and reports for free and upgrade for just R200 to get access to resources, tools, courses and so much more. 
We are dedicated to helping you become personally and financially organised!