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The Smart Money Solution

The Smart Money solution is an 8 step financial wellness approach.

We ensure that whatever we speak about we have the support to back it up. So whether you are tackling debt, trying to reduce costs, save money or get financially organised we have the financial tools and resources to help you out!

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Financial Wellness Programme

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Financial Wellness Ladder

The Smart Money Financial Wellness Ladder depicts where we all start; in the search for Financial Safety to where we need to aspire to be, Financial Freedom.

It is important to understand that there are several steps to Financial Independence and that this is a journey and not an overnight success.

Smart Money will work with you to take you from a point of Financial Survival right up to Financial Freedom.

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What every member gets access to…

Our premium course – 8 Steps to Financial Wellness

Online and template based budget planners

Financial Action Plan learner book and workbook

Downloadable resources such as our Debt Snowball

Over 200 educational articles

Podcasts with Mark Pilgrim

Surveys and personalised reports

Financial and tax tools

Partner services and products